Phil Hopkins – [The White Assassin] Strikes Again!

Phil Hopkins



Before most of you start wondering, yes Phil Hopkins is a British Citizen, but he has become an adopted son of our Naija online chess community. Very soon he will learn how to eat our food and speak  pidgin language. Jokes apart i have known Phil for over 8 years now, He has become my best buddy and training partner where chess is concerned.

I asked for him to be allowed to join our community and the brotherhood have accepted him with open hands. He is known as the 5-minunte Crusader – just joking. He is fast becoming a talent to take note off.

That being said, below is one of his many games where he has outplayed higher rated opponents.

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  1. Well done bro ,the ZGM.
    I will like to post my game yesterday with a 2000+ rated guy I defeated

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