The most awaited Q-final match in the Naija Speedchess Championship 2017 between NM Godbbless and “Emmykarpovii  (real names – Felotiom Godbless Enenifa & Nwachukwu Emmanuel Prince), has come and gone. Did it live up to expectations? Yes it did. Apart from the few network issues and blunders due to nerves and time trouble/network, the games were at times pulsating.


NM Godbless

It was like watching a cage fight. Two animals trying to tear themselves apart with no mercy. The match was scheduled to start @2130 Nigerian time, but due to poor mobile network service, Emmy was unable to connect to the lichess.org website to commence the match. Through our Whats APP group chat we were all screaming “start the match”. Most of us had waited all day to watch this match, and at a point NM Godbless suggested that maybe the match should be postponed. However, as one for he organizers i insisted the match had to go on, as we were already behind in our Quarter finals schedules.

Evenetually Emmy gave us the signal that he had found a network and was ready to start. The match will consisted of 4 time formats – [ 5+2, 3+2, 2+1, Chess 960 3+2), with each format consisting of 6 games each.

Emmy was the first one to race ahead scooping up as many points in the first 2 formats – 5+2, 3+2.

Scored Card showed the following

1. Blitz 5+2 = Emmy 3.5   Vs NM Godbless 2.5 [Emmy wins}

2. Blitz 3+2 = Emmy 4.5   vs Nm Godbless  1.5 [Emmy Wins]

At this point we were all guilty of thinking that Emmy who was now leading the match by 4 point was going to run away with victory. How we were all proven wrong.

In the next 2 formats of Blitz 2+1 & Chess 960, NM Godbless began to turn the tide against his most gifted opponent. Whether it was down to poor network being experienced by Emmy, who had to miles away from the village where he was working to get a better network coverage for his phone, or down to nerves and the shorter time  format only God can tell.

The score card continued:

3. Blitz 2+1 = Emmy 1.0 vs NM Godbless 5.0 [NM wins]

4. Chess960 3+2 = Emmy 2.0 vs NM Godbless 4.0 [NM Wins]


Overall scores for the match was 13 points – 11points. NM Godbless won the match.

The game below is from the 3+2 match which NM won


This one is from there Chess960 match:


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  1. I feel so excited and Happy for this victory, still makes me feel am the best in the world.

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