CNO Challengers League Pre-season Chess Tourney


The Chess Nigeria Challengers league 2018 was launched today with a pre-season tourney between 12 of the players who will be gracing the platform from Monday 9th of July 2018, to commence a 12-week battle to see who will emerge victorious and those who will qualify to move up the CNO Premier chess league in 2019.

The 12 players who participated in tonight’s tourney are as follow

1 NM Godbless 38 
2 ZGM Adet 26 
3 Talldove 20 
4 Victor001200  16
5 Dorianvegeance 15 
6 Zlater007  12
7 Jagaban 10 
8 Chessbrand1 6
9 Vegakov
10 Philikovich  4
11 Emenaiky  1
12 Jdcrux


The winner of tonights tourney NM Godbless popularly known as “Basket Mouth” due to his non-stop boasting of being the undisputed champion of the world, showed that he is not taking the league lightly and is planning to become a top contender for the top stop. Though I reckon I am not in top shape yet, I managed to show the F4 King – Talldove that I was ready to destroy his renowned 1. F4 opening (The Birds).

The way I see it, there is going to be a number of upsets as 22 players take to the battlefield to be become the 2018 Challengers league champion. We will try our best to keep you updated as the league commences.

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