Phillip Arthur Udoh’s Chess Profile

 Phillips Arthur Udoh

Recently our team had a whatsApp interview with Phillips Arthur Udoh, one of the players currently in the CNO Challengers league. Please find details of that interview below.

  1. Where were you born? : I was born in Bauchi State, Nigeria on 10th December 1981.
  2. When did you start playing Chess?  I was introduced to the game of chess in 1999 just after I finished High school.
  3. Tell us about your first chess tournament. It was in my first year in the University. It was quite an experience for me, because this was the first time I was testing out my chess theory among a mixture of players of various strength. For a beginner I was quite impressed with my performance.
  4. What was your experience as a chess player growing up with other responsibilities on your shoulders? For me chess has always been a distracting but almost irresistible force. Due my education and other responsibilities, I had to drop out of competitive chess a couple of times, but I always ended up coming back.
  5. Did your parents support you playing chess when you were growing up and living with them? Yes, and No. My dad barred me from playing once as he considered it a detractor from my studies in Med School back then.
  6. How did you find out about Chess Nigeria Online? Through a friend who used to be a member of our Chess Club in Jos on WhatsApp.
  7. When did you join CNO? I joined back in 2017
  8. Share with us some of your chess achievements OTB. I have won a club tournament for people in my own class and that was really exhilarating!
  9. Who is your favourite chess player of all time? Gary Kasparov
  10. Who is your favourite Nigerian chess player? IM Odion Ahikhoje
  11. What is your favourite chess openings for white and black? The London System as White, and Alekhine Defence as black
  12. What are your hobbies and interests? Public Speaking, Song writing, Poetry, Drumming.

Philikovich’s Week 1 Match

This is one of the games played in the match between Philikovic and Doriavengeance in week 1 of the CNO Challengers chess League played 9th July 2018.

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