Adelugba Oluwaseun Chess Profile

Lichess uername: Lugbaseun
1. Full name: Oluwaseun Adelugba
2. Date of Birth: 10th June 1991 
3.Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria.
4. When did you start playing chess? 2013
5. Tell us about your first chess tournament: It was FOC tournament, held in the National Stadium in 2013 or 2014 I think. That was the first time I played against IM Olape. My performance was average.
6. What was your experience as a chess player growing up with other responsibilities on your shoulders? It was a very tough experience as I was self taught….and most of the better players around me back then were not willing to help. The fact that I had limited access to books did really help …..although the fact i had to focus mainly on my school education limited the time i had left to study chess.
7. Did your parents support you playing chess? They didn’t get to know that I played chess.
8. How did you find out about Chess Nigeria Online? I am a member of the Nigerian Chess National  Whats App Group, and one day someone made mention of the new Chess Nigerian Whats APP group which had just been formed. 
9. When did you join and what has been your experience so far? Exciting, Challenging and Insightful
10. Share with us some of your chess achievements OTB. I came joint 1st in the round-robin section of the grand finale Maxton Suites blitz held at Ikeja in December 2017. I missed out in the knockout stages.
11. Who is your favourite chess player of all time? Gary Kasparov
12. Who is your favourite Nigerian chess player? FM Anwuli Daniel
13. What is your favourite chess openings for white and black? I play d4 as white, e5 as black against e4 and …Nf3, …e3,….d5 as black against d4……I don’t know the names ooo….don’t read?
14. Your hobbies and interests? Classic Novels and Movies
15. What is/are your favourite chess variants? Standard Chess

His best game on lichess was against the formidable “Tactinhos2900 who is a 2400+ player
See the game below\;

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