Samostically battles ZGM Adet for 1st Z-Lord Norm

Oluwadare Samuel aka Samostically is preparing to take on Chess Nigeria’s Adet2510 who is popularly referred to as ZGM Adet. ZGM being the in-house title awarded due to his exploits in Crazyhouse chess and for being the one who brought the awareness of this chess variant to Chess Nigeria Online platform. Crazyhouse chess has been nicknamed “Zombie Chess” due to that fact that captured pieces can be placed  back into play, just like the dead come back to life in some of the zombie-themed movies.

Adet2510 is referred to as Z-Lord , while FM Dabee is also nicknamed- Shaolin Master Dabee for being the highest rated crazyhouse player we have at present.

Upcoming players such as samostically, Manfromspain & IM Dapsay with need to obtain 3 crazyhouse Norms to be awarded the in-house ZGM title. These norms can only be obtained in a cage fight with any of the ZGMs.

So tonight samostically is reeling the chance to get his first ZGM norm by taking on ZGM Adet. He has recently become a force to reckon among our club players and believes that he has what it takes to take on the Z-Lord himself. You think the series of he walking dead is scary. Tonight it is going to be the case of the Thriller Movie coming alive again!

To watch this showdown match log on to and follow adet2510 or samostically.

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