CNO Crazyhouse Chess

I got introduced to Crazyhouse chess in 2017 and brought the awareness to our online chess community. It was something new but took a while for players to take to it. Up to that time, the most popular chess variants were blitz and bullet. Due to fact that captured pieces seem to reappear seem out of nowhere, the game was nicknamed “ZombieChess”. At that time I was the most experience and best crazyhouse player, and I would organize 1-hour online tourney which will reluctantly join. AS an incentive I began to make the tournaments prized. Soon enough a number got hook to it and became very good at it. I was nicknamed the ZGM Adet (zgm meant “zombie grandmaster“). Presently we have at least over 20 players who are now very good at crazyhouse chess and are potential GZMs.


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