The stage is set or as we say in Naija ‘Today na Today’ or in Warri ‘the beans don done’ who would wear the crown? Who would be the 2017 Naija speed chess champion? The last naija speed chess tournament for the year. Would it be Adewale the cool cat or Kormega the dragon slayer?

How did they get to the finals? Adewale took Douglas, Emenaiky and Zlater to the cleaners Kormega knocked out Dr. Victor, Alvin ‘the oracle’ Forteta and championship favourite NM Godbless

There is no going back, it’s all or nothing the match promises gambits, sacrifices, blunders, exclamatory moves and there would be some bashing because someone has to go down. Would it be a photo finish or a knockout?

Find out tonight when Adewale tackles Kormega in 2017 Naija seed chess championship by 8pm Naija time on the chess platform. Do not be told watch live and post your thoughts on the spectator board because the match promises to be all round fireworks

Ok now let’s go there.

by Douglas aka Dbosman

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