Talldove the F4 Master Strikes Against a 2000+

Sometimes I wonder why quite a few of our WhatsApp group are not yet consistently above the 2000+ rating, seeing that we have many players that consistently beat 200+ players in the different tournament formats on lichess.org. I was a watching Talldove play in an hourly blitz tournament on lichess.org, where he played Msaid [2042]. I could not believe the tactics that unfolded before me as i gazed at the screen of my Compaq laptop.

At the begin of the game Msaid played 1. …e5 as reply to Dr Vic [Talldove] 1. f4 (Birds opening). Seeing the the few moves of the FROM’S GAMBIT unfold before made me fell so excited that i was presented with a unique opportunity to add to my repertoire knowledge of the gambit as i also play it against 1. f4. To my surprise Msaid show a continuation line that all went wrong. I don’t know whether he lacked an indepth knowledge on the attacking prowess of the Birds opening or his positional understanding  of the white set up was lacking. Whichever was the case his inferior play soon made sure he found himself in “hot soup” as we usual say back in my homeland Nigeria when somebody lands himself in serious trouble.


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