Over 55 chess players from the Chess Nigeria Online and Africa Chess Whats App group turned out to watch the Epic premier chess match between two of Nigeria’s best players as IM Bunmi Olape (The Undertaker) took on the “Ruthless” IM Odion Aikhoje (Odirovski). I have watched Odirovski destroy so many chess masters over the years in such ruthless manner, that I thought it would be almost impossible for IM Olape (Micfel on lichess) to win this match, but I was proven wrong.

As the home player, Odirovski kicked off the match with the white pieces. He opened the game with 1. Nf3, a move that could transpose into so many different openings. The move helps to keep your opponent guessing on what opening you are really going to play, and this could make your opponent play a defence that could play right into your hands. Micfel wasn’t phased by this move at all, and replied with 1. …d5. Spectators were glued to their lichess app as the two gladiators battled it out. The more the game progressed it became clear that IM Olape meant business and was not just in the league to make up the numbers. After move 31, the position below was reached…

White: Odirovski vs Black:  Micfel

It was at this point that the spectators would have realised that they had turned up to watch what could be considered in the African chess scene as the battle of the “Titans”. It was like a boxing match where two opponents went toe to toe, delivering punch after punch. 31 moves later IM Olape emerged victorious as he drew the first blood. To see how the game ended check the Game viewer below

At end of the night, IM Olape showed why many nicknamed him as “The Undertaker” by going on to win that match 4-2. This is Odirovski first defeat and I would not like to be in the shoes of his next opponent.


ZGM Adet

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