The Chess Nigeria Online battle showdown Match against the Rest of Africa Chess team commenced yesterday 22nd May 2018. This is the first time that an online chess event of this nature is being organised by CNO, who have the largest and most active online chess community in Africa. The Battle Showdown will see 12 players from each team go head to head in a 12 board series.

The preparations prior to the commencement of the match were a bit shaky and threatened to disrupt the entire showdown itself. However, both teams were able to work together to get their teams ready and make sure that the spectators were in for a treat. All matches kicked off approximately about 9.30pm NGT yesterday night.

Players from both teams were pretty much familiar with one another, as they all frequently play in the daily Africa chess arena, but that did not in anyway make this a friendly affair. The African team showed that they meant business, by drawing the first blood in part 1 of this chess battle showdown, by winning all 3 matches devasting manner.

On board 1,  AfolabiOpeyemi (Noradrenaline)  took on Adolf Muugani(Kucia), on board 2 Samson Ofubu (Zlater) took on Uatiavi Jossy Uapingene(Bravewarrior) of Namibia, while on board 3 Dr Victor Odunaiya(Talldove) took on Herris Chibale(Herridz) of Zambia.

The individual match scores are shown below:

1 Noradrenaline 2 v 4 Kucia
2 Zlater 2.5 v 3.5 Bravewarrior
3 Talldove 2 v 4 Herridz
6.5 11.5

The rest of Africa chess may have drawn first blood, but I believe that the Nigeria chess team will re-group themselves and come back fighting strong to defend their pride and honour. There are 3 more matches taking place tonight between boards 4 – 6. Games will commence from 9.30pm NGT [Nigerian,UK time].

NB: All matches are played on





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